I build affordable websites which are easy to update, typically using WordPress. With over 14 years’ experience, I can cut through the jungle of themes and plugins, so you get a lean, functional website which loads quickly without any clutter. And if you want a full graphic identity, I’ve built great working relationships with a few wonderful designers I can bring on board as needed.

I also offer consultancy on a wide range of IT projects. Anything from how best to set up a new website and email address, to installing new computers and setting them up in a network. Or if you’re trying to work out how to implement a creative project just drop me an email and I’ll let you know how I can help.


Get a Website Quote

What do you need?

Whether you just need a few static pages, or a site with lots of bells and whistles, please drop me an email, with as much detail as possible about what you’d like your website to do. I’ll get back to you quickly, and the next step is usually to meet or arrange a phone call to go through the project in detail.

What will it cost?

Every website is different, so I don’t offer “packaged” website prices, although as a guide most of the sites I build come in between £400 and £2000. Your cost will depend on two things: (1) how many different functions do you need, and (2) how intricate and bespoke are your design requirements?

How long does it take?

That mostly depends on you! If you have a clear idea what you want the site to do, and can provide all the copy and images quickly, then the site can usually be put together and launched within a couple of weeks.

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